UMC Hosts 38th Annual Children’s Miracle Network Celebration Broadcast

Sep 22nd, 2021 | Children's Miracle Network (CMN), Latest News

This year, UMC Children’s Hospital is hosting the 38th Annual Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Celebration Broadcast. As being the only CMN Hospital in the region, the Celebration highlights our CMN partnership, as well as continuing to raise money to provide the best care possible for the children in our region.

The Celebration will broadcast live from the UMC McInturff Conference Center. It starts at 6 AM on Wednesday, September 15, and ends at 10:30 PM. The broadcast will be aired live from 6:30PM-7PM with breaks throughout the day on KCBD-TV channel 11. Karin McCay and Abner Euresti, of NewsChannel 11, return as hosts.

The event will also highlight our miracle children and their families, as well as the providers who continue to help provide the best care possible. We will also recognize national and local sponsors as well as individuals and organizations that have raised funds and supported CMN during the year.

“This year, one of the big projects we are asking for the community’s help with is a NICU transport ambulance. There is often not an available ambulance in the city due to other needs, so this delays us getting to the baby and getting them back to UMC or we have to cancel the transport altogether,” said Misti Welch, UMC Children’s Miracle Network Program Manager. “By having our own dedicated ambulance, we hopefully will be able to get to our patients quickly and avoid any delays in care. We will also be able to avoid bad weather and will have our own specialized equipment stocked.”

UMC Children’s Hospital looks forward to the Celebration and wants to thank all of our supporters as well as our amazing sponsors that help make this event happen! Your donation matters!

Who: UMC Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network (CMN)

What: Children’s Miracle Network Celebration Broadcast

When: Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 6AM-10:30PM (will be live from 6:30PM-7PM with breaks throughout the day on KCBD-TV channel 11)

Where: UMC’s McInturff Conference Center

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