NICU Transport

The NICU Transport is the culmination of UMC Children’s Hospital’s and the Children’s Miracle Network’s partnership in providing our region’s infants with the best care. This collaboration allows our trusted transport team to support infants in any situation.

Transport Team

Our dedicated EMS NICU personnel is staffed 24/7. We are a registered nurse and respiratory therapist driven transport team responsible for stabilizing and transporting preterm and critically ill infants via helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft and ambulance.

  • All have over 8 years of EMS experience
  • One staff member has over 32 years of EMS experience
  • All are Neonatal Resuscitation Program Certified (NRP)
  • All are current on all American Heart Association certifications.

Our transport nurses are highly skilled in neonatal assessment with the capability of providing advanced airway management and intubation, umbilical arterial and venous line placement, Curosurf administration, and pneumothorax decompression. Transport respiratory therapists are skilled in neonatal intubation, blood gas interpretation, and ventilator management.

Our Transport team carries out the mission of UMC Children’s Hospital by exemplifying a culture of service, fostering and maintaining close relationships with referring facilities, and serving as a valuable resource to improve regional outcomes.

Methods of Transport

NICU Ambulance features include:

  • Full Ventilator Management
  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • State-of-the-Art Monitoring and Instrumentation

Additional methods of transportation include a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft.


We maintain communication with the family and provide an update once we have arrived back at UMCCH. Additionally, families will have the opportunity to sign a consent form for AngelEye with the transport nurse in order to view their baby on the camera as soon as possible. Our staff will provide updates at least once per shift to continually include the family in their baby’s care. Families are welcome to visit and call the NICU anytime, as we offer 24/7 visitation.

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